About Us

My name is Emidio Amadebai, happily married to a beautiful person, my queen and best friend, father of two handsome boys, and currently working on building my career as an independent consultant, entrepreneur, author, and blogger, who can share most of his experience with you guys.

I created Ace the Presentation to share relevant tips and counsel with all those seeking to improve their public speaking & presentation skills, other relevant soft skills, and those with the ambition of quickly growing as entrepreneurs, managers, pretty much those who will become leaders of the next generation.

So here’s the deal, my main idea is to make sure you can become an emotionally intelligent and inspiring leader. Whether you are planning to run your own business, inspire people to help you with your vision, or manage a team in the company you work for, Ace the Presentation is the gateway to help you do just that.

Becoming a Key Note Speaker & Improving my Public Speaking Skills

I have been delivering speeches to large audiences from the age of 16, in religious congregations, then moved to become the top performer during my college days when it came to presentation skills, and in my first job those skills helped me get quick promotions, and opportunities to present the solutions, products, and services to our customer both domestic and abroad.

Being experienced in delivering speeches (both in my native language Portuguese, as well as in English) is a rare and really sought-after skill for multinational companies that come to do business in this country. Additionally, it landed my opportunities such as traveling to China to learn about the latest solutions Huawei was developing (4.5G, and 5G, Modular Data Centers, etc.), and present them to a VIP delegation from my country that was visiting China.

Emidio Amadebai, Public Speaking, Ace the Presentation

I have also been appointed as a speaker, representing my company to deliver a speech in the country’s first and largest digital forum, where most companies would bring their specialists from abroad, have them give speeches in English and use near real-time translation systems to the audience. Well, imagine if you had an engineer, technology enthusiast, who loves to speak about it, and has experience delivering speeches to large audiences? That’s right, they have asked me to do it, and that was a terrific experience to increase my visibility as an expert as well.

Emidio Amadebai, Public Speaking, Ace the Presentation

I am not saying all this to brag or anything! I want you to know that the person behind the blog posts and products that will be coming in the future is a real person, who struggled to learn and master the very skills that helped him succeed as a student, as an employee, as a manager and most importantly as a person – a family man.

I have grown from being afraid of speaking in Public to loving it, and that has also landed me unique opportunities to develop on an individual and professional level. (even met the President).