5 APPS to Help with Rehearsing our Speech or Presentation

How many times have we felt lost and anxious because we had an important speech to give and not knew how to prepare appropriately. In the busy world we live nowadays, waiting for a partner to practice is no longer the only way and effective to get ready for a speech.

This article will talk about some virtual options that we can find to practice independently shape for our speech. Before we go to any further details, here we have a board for our best-known options to help us rehearse our Speech:

Performing a speech or presentation – First things first

Oratory/ speech delivery is nothing more, nothing less, than the art of speaking well in public, applying techniques that enhance the way information is transmitted. In practical terms, what we want to say is that a good oratory is often not just conveyed a message but makes it something original, memorable, and exciting for the public.

For such a development, you need to know the techniques of oratory, such as being prepared to put them into practice.

According to Scottish philosopher and educator George Campbell, a speech delivery serves four main objectives:

  • Stir up the imagination;
  • Foster understanding;
  • Arouse passion;
  • Influence determination.

Activist and pastor Martin Luther King Jr. is an example of leadership who used oratory to disseminate a message of equal rights in the United States.

He gained worldwide fame for performances such as the “I Have a Dream” speech, being awarded the Nobel Peace Prize in 1964 for his significant contribution to combating racism without resort to violence.

6 Things to AVOID when Speaking in Public or Delivering a or Presentation

  • Can think of nothing but the presentation;
  • Visualize anything that may go wrong;
  • Attempts to anticipate the reaction of the public;
  • Spend hours repeating the speech, intending to memorize each point;
  • Seeks to imitate great speakers and get frustrated when you cannot do just like that;
  • Wants to control everything that happens during the lecture.

Remember it is impossible to control everything around us, we cannot imitate great speakers study how they behaved or spoke, and quickly adapt to our personalities because the audience, circumstances, even the generation you’re speaking to plus a dozen of factors will be different.

Your Speech needs to be Genuine, come out with your voice and be packed with value to the audience.

5 APPS to Help with Rehearsing our Speech or Presentation

  1. Public Speaking for Cardboard (Virtual Speech)

The Public Speaking app is available for iOS and Android devices; it creates a futuristic virtual reality for user training with immersive 3D videos that move as we look around.

Those videos make us feel like we are standing on a podium, hall, or theater with an audience in front of us paying attention to what we say, just like in real life. 

The idea is to help people get used to an audience in front of them when they make a presentation, lecture, or speech, in the same way, that would happen in real life. But, to this, in addition to the smartphone, we will need a Google Cardboard. 

It looks a little with the old View masters and allows us to “see” the room where we speak to the public when using the Public Speaking app.

  • We can choose between small audiences in a large audience room, also, to interview situations;

 If we need to train in front of an audience and cannot gather an audience to serve as a “victim,” the virtual audience can break the branch.

Virtual Speech Site

Virtual Speech Review

  1. Ummo 

Ummo is an analytic public presentation app that records, speaks, and calls out the faults we may have committed, such as pauses to think, the use of repetitive words and expressions such as “hum,” or when we lack words during our speech. 

If we used to practice with friends and couldn’t be honest enough, this app was designed to give us constructive criticism that will provide us with the feedback we need to improve.

Ummo features a transcript of what you spoke on the screen, the number of pauses unnecessary and “hum.”

  • We can program the app to beep every time we send a “hum” ;
  • It also records every time we say “I think,” “I guess,” and similar and unnecessary expressions
  • It also records the speed of our speech and when our voice tone changes. 

Ummo costs only $2. However, it is only available for iOS – i.e., iPhone, Ipad, and Macbooks.

Ummo Site

  1. Metronome 

When we are nervous, we may tend to speak too fast or too slowly; Metronome has the task to chronometer our speech until we reach the ideal rate of speech. You may be thinking, but I only get nervous on an actual day.

When practicing with this program, we will engage that much that on the day of the presentation, we will automatically visualize our practicing days and succeed; this app serves both IOS and Android.

 Metronome Review

Metronome Beats

  1. Prompster 

 In Prompster, we can write the dots essential of our speech, with text highlights, and make it “roll,” as a teleprompter, at varying speeds, during our lesson. It also makes it possible to record our presentation’s audio and video to see later how it went; this app is for IOS and Android.

This app’s dynamic provides us different scenarios to practice, such as memorizing, listening as a song, or if we are visual people make it as a video.

Prompster Site

Prompster Review

  1. Poll Everywhere

Perhaps this app is one of the most interesting, and it allows the speaker to interact with the audience during the exhibition itself. With Poll Everywhere, listeners can participate actively, present, vote to agree or disagree with a particular position, or give opinions about ideas exposed.

Poll Everywhere Site

Poll Everywhere Review

How to speak well in public

1. Training is one of the essential factors for speaking well in public

After all, by developing the skill of oratory, we will be prepared to present ourselves before the public in an eloquent way, winning their attention.

2. Master the content addressed, which calls for reading and study the subject

This preparation decreases the chances of error, makes speech more consistent, and adds information on the main doubts that may arise among our listeners, allowing that we select the answers.

Besides, preparing the presentation in advance helps decrease anxiety and get the fear of exposing our ideas to a group of people or the options above.

3. Fighting your Anxiety and Fear of speaking in front of others

Thus, in a lecture, it is natural to be afraid of making mistakes, getting confused, or getting lost during the explanation. But this fear has no rational basis because situations may not happen.

4. Focus only on what is under our control, such as the choice of content, tools that will support, and preparation using oratory techniques.

5 APPS to Help with Rehearsing our Speech or Presentation

Public Speaking for Cardboard (Virtual Speech)$300 for single users; $3000 for the enterprise edition.We have a realistic practice that makes us feel like we are really giving a speech or presentation.
Ummo$2 and is a one-time purchase; We need to have IOS  Give us real feedback to improve our speeches and presentations.
MetronomeFreeProvide us the ideal rate for our speech by recording and telling us the right speed of how we talk.
Prompster$ 1.99Not only do we highlight what is crucial for how presentations also rate our speech speeds and record it so we can hear it later.
Poll Everywhere  $ 120We can interact with the audition during our speech delivery and they give us feedback.


We can define speech delivery or public speaking as transmitting a message to a receiver or more that can be done personally or virtually. Speaking in public does not mean talking to a crowd but rather exposing their ideas in a convincing way.

People who know how to argue and express their ideas have a better chance to be heard, understood, admired, and recognized. Good oratory is responsible for improving relationships, opening doors, and increasing credibility in the work environment.

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