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The 4 Types of Motivational Speeches & When to Use them

Did you ever think about how by just talking with someone, you get some energy, inspiration, or idea that motivates you in a way that you couldn’t have expected? After that talk, you get up and quickly start working on that GOAL that you never did.

That is what a motivational speech is all about. We usually use it to deliver a message that helps a person or a particular group of people to change their mindset and approach to planning on how to deal with their challenges, readapting certain behaviors, and chase after their goals.

There are four different types of motivational speeches, and I will be addressing in this article how each one works and how you can use them depending on the occasion. 

The 4 Types of Motivational Speeches

  1. Persuasive Speech
  2. Entertaining Speech
  3. Oratorical Speech
  4. Inspirational Speech

The art of giving a motivational speech can be listed in 4, such as :

1. Persuasive Speech

This type of motivational speech aims to convince the audience by using arguments that persuade them to adopt the speaker’s point of view.

An example of a persuasive speech is a political speech, which tends to bring pragmatic and emotional arguments mentioning solutions to topics that shake a community’s day to day life.

A sales pitch can also be an example; here, the salesperson convinces the audience to buy his products showing them how useful his services can be. 

Here is a list of 7 persuasive speech characteristics:

  1. Must have a reason
  2. Changes people’s mind
  3. Use an emotive language
  4. Urges to make someone do something
  5. Use rhetorical questions
  6. Encourages people
  7. Include compliments and goals

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types of motivational speeches

2. Entertaining Speech

The entertaining speech is used to amuse the audience by appealing to their emotions, whether by drama or humor. 

Since it occurs in events of great social significance, it is also known as special occasions speech.

Such as weddings while giving toasts to the grooms, theaters when presenting pieces that intend to teach a lesson or portray a reality.

Are you having doubts about how to entertain your audience during your speech? Here you have 6 Tips for Amusing your Audience.

3. Oratorical Speech

The oratorical speech is used to deliver any message in ceremonies as long as you do it passionately and powerfully. 

It is usually written before the day of the event; the orator is someone who had first-hand experience or knowledge about what is being lived.

It can also be a special occasion speech because it is generally given in circumstances, such as a graduation, a eulogy, or even a retirement party.

When giving the speech here, the orator shares a lesson that results from an experience that the audience you are briefing has gone through or aspires to. 

You can give an oratorical speech to embrace different kinds of people, in a situation that they are going to need guidance, for example, when they graduate and now need to find a job.

Alternatively, when you just lost a very special person in your family, by doing the eulogy, you can praise the being’s life by setting a real example to attain a dream, for example.

If you are curious about oratory speech , you can find out by reading the 7 Oratory Secrets : How to give an effective oratorical speech.

4. Inspirational Speech

The most famous type of motivational speech ! This type of speech usually briefs about self-improvement, it focuses on teaching and showing the audience how to build themselves, improve confidence, and sureness.

If you want to motivate and inspire people, this is the right speech type to use. Here the speaker gives techniques tips that can be used to help the audience grow emotionally and or professionally.

The mind is often where everything starts, so the public speaker uplifts his public to do better by mental exercising.

Ted x talks are examples of inspirational speeches; people go there by invite to talk about a certain discovery and how that can be life-changing.

Here is a link with the list of the most life-changing motivational speeches if you want


Here’s a table with a summary of the types of motivational speeches, so you can quickly recall them.

Type of Motivational speechWay of delivering the message
Persuasive SpeechConvince/ pursue with arguments
Entertaining SpeechStir an audience’s emotions with humor or drama
Oratorical SpeechShare a lesson
Inspirational SpeechGive practical life changing techniques 


We could address a motivational speech in so many ways, even though they all have one and only one purpose that it is to inspire all kinds of people to do better.

Everybody needs someone to hold them in a moment where we think they lack strength and you can be one of them.

I hope you found what you were looking for, and thank you for reading this article.

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