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15 Best Communications Degree Jobs and Career Paths

If you are wondering what you can do with a Communications Degree, please know that as a communication graduate , there are a couple of areas you can choose a career path for yourself, both in the private and government sectors. 

And although all career path seems very lucrative, some careers are more lucrative than others. This, you can tell, is one key reason why many people are choosing one career path over the others. 

So, in case you have been considering what could be the best career path to choose or what jobs you can get with a communications degree, here is a list of options; 

  • Human Resource Manager
  • Market Research Analyst 
  • Social Media Specialist
  • Lecturing in an Institution 
  • Graphic Designing 
  • Sales Representative
  • Transcriber
  • Translator
  • Social Worker
  • Technical Writer
  • News Anchor
  • Fundraising coordinator
  • Politics
  • Event Planning
  • Communication Specialist 

Well, besides just knowing what the best 15 career paths are, stick around and read on to learn more about why these career paths are ranking high on the list of career paths you can choose.

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15 Best Communications Degree Jobs

1. Human Resources Manager

Nearly all sectors require human resource managers because they play a crucial role in the employer-employee relationship.
A human resource manager conducts recruitment and recommends the best candidate for employment.

They also handle employee-employer affairs, employee payroll, career development for employees, train new employees, and carry out other functions in the organizations.

According to PayScale, the average salary of an HR manager is about $67,948 per annum. With over 80% of the professionals being female and the potential to grow into the role of an HR Director.

Choosing a career path as a human resource manager is a good choice with a bright future, and your communication skills are a major requirement for this career path.

It is estimated that human resource managers’ job growth rate is 5% between 2020 and 2030.

Communications Degree Jobs

2. Marketing Research Analyst

For any organization to remain relevant in the present economy, there must be a proper knowledge of the market’s latest trends.
As a market research analyst, your role is to improve the company’s an advertising and marketing strategy.

Your ability to apply a detail-oriented approach and critical-thinking skills in increasing the company’s revenue are critical.
However, you will also be responsible for ensuring that the company’s marketing efforts meet the required best practices.

According to PayScale, the average salary of an early career market research analyst is about $52,693 per annum. With 58% of professionals being female and the potential to grow into the role of a Marketing Research Manager.

As a graduate with a communication degree, choosing a career path in market research analysis is a good choice, especially as this career path is estimated to have a growth rate of about 20%.

3. Technical Writers

As many organizations are gradually making the transition from the offline mode of operation to online, the role of technical writers is becoming necessary for these organizations.

A technical writer develops technical content for websites, edits website content and newsletters.

The role of technical writers is increasing as they work for both offline and online organizations. The ability to use technology effectively is an added advantage for technical writers.

According to PayScale, the average salary of technical writers is about $60,500 per annum. With over 59% of professionals being female and the potential to grow into the role of a Proposal Manager.

With the skills of scriptwriting, editing, and effective communication of ideas, a graduate with a communication degree can have a career path in technical writing. The growth rate is expected to increase by 10% between 2020 and 2030.

4. News Reporter

Journalism encompasses different disciplines that keep the public informed about events.
A communicator’s role as a journalist is to carry out interviews, write articles, investigate stories, conduct research, and edit content.

Your ability to apply critical thinking in the production of captivating and reliable information as a communication graduate gives you an advantage over others.

There are different and exciting areas to venture into as a communicator. With effective communication skills, you can choose an area you are passionate about in journalism.

According to PayScale, the average salary of a journalist is about $42,090 per annum, and the growth rate is estimated at 4%, with a gradual shift from analog to digital platforms in the next few years.

5. Fundraising Coordinator

What keeps an organization or company running is the availability of funds. For any organization, especially a non-governmental organization, to function properly, there must be funds.

It is the role of the fundraiser to design creative strategies that bring funds to the organization. As a fundraiser, your effective communication skills will enable you to contact sponsors to donate to your organization.

Your ability to contact prospective donors and maintain a healthy relationship with the organization is very important. This required skill is not a big thing for a communication major.

According to PayScale, the average salary of an early career fundraiser is about $42,545, and it can grow up to a whopping $73,972 as a Director of Fundraising, depending on the organization.

Different organizations need good fundraisers that can write good proposals for grants. Choosing a career path as a fundraising coordinator is definitely a good one.

As different organizations struggle with funds, the demand for fundraisers is also increasing.

6. Politics

To be a successful politician, you should be able to communicate your plans to the people effectively. Besides, proper communication entails different concepts that must be mastered.

Interestingly, communication majors learn different communication skills right from school. Your ability to use these skills in discussing various social, political, and economic issues is very important.

To choose your career path in politics, you should know how to persuasively communicate your perspective to the audience in an interesting way.

Also, you should be a good public speaker because your work is to relate to people. The average salary of a politician varies from region to region.

Communications Degree Jobs

7. Event Planner

As an event planner, you have to plan, organize, and execute different events successfully.

Your role involves choosing a suitable venue for an event, working with vendors to ensure everything is available during the event, coordinating workers, and allocating appropriate funds for various tasks.

Careful planning is necessary for successful service delivery. It will enable you to adjust appropriately in case of a change of plan or disappointment from other workers.

As a communication graduate, you are expected to possess good organizational skills. Good Interpersonal and communication skills are necessary for effective coordination of people.

According to PayScale, the average salary of an Events Manager is $49,351 per annum. With over 90% of professionals being female and the potential of growing into the role of Event Manager.

The demand for good event managers is increasing as more people celebrate events, especially during festive periods.
A good event manager should be able to manage different events like weddings, festivals, conventions, concerts, get-together parties, etc.

8. Social Media Specialist

There must be a social media administrator for organizations or companies to furnish their clients with up-to-date information in the current system.

The role of the social media administrator is to post relevant content. Moreover, he/she is expected to engage the audience positively and respond to urgent demands from clients.

In essence: You manage the social media account of the organization.

The target audience is very important when designing content.
A communication graduate should be fluent in social media and possess other skills to engage effectively with the audience. Check the traffic to know which channel needs urgent attention.

According to PayScale, the average salary of a Social Media Specialist is $45,113. Over 78% of professionals are female and with prospects of growing into the roles of Social Media Manager and Digital Marketing Manager.

9. Lecturer in an Institution

As a communication graduate, you can choose lecturing as your career path if you like academia. Many people pursue their career path in lecturing. You can do the same if you are passionate about teaching and research.

A communication degree is a starting step in this path. You need to further your studies to earn a Master’s degree as well as a Ph.D. in the area of your choice in the communications field.

Your role as a lecturer includes lecturing undergraduate students, research work, and presentation of papers at conferences.

You will also collaborate with other people to complete projects. Sometimes, it may be outside your institution and working hours.

It is expected that you possess research skills, effective communication, and interpersonal skills.

According to PayScale average salary of a Lecturer is $58,355, but you can also earn allowances from other tasks you may be doing by the side. Over 54% of professionals are female, and you can grow into the role of Adjunct Professor.

It is a good career path for those that love contributing academically to the growth of knowledge.

10. Graphic Designer

Graphic designing is one of the areas that the demand for experts is growing globally. The work of a graphic designer is to communicate information visually by using artistic designs.

Graphic designer designs logos, billboards, complementary cards, marketing kits, posters, and lots more. He promotes the brand name of the organization using different platforms.

As a communication graduate, you are expected to be details oriented and easy to locate errors. The size and style of text and pictures should be appealing to the eyes.

It should also clearly communicate the intended information to the target audience.

According to PayScale, the average salary per annum of a Graphic Designer is $45,851. With over 66% of professionals being female, and with prospects of growing into the role of an Arts Director.

11. Sales Representative

Every company wants to increase sales, and guess what? This is the role of the sales manager. The sales rep’s role is to ensure there is the selling of products/services of the company to customers.

Furthermore, the sales rep is expected to convert prospective customers to active customers and increase the company’s customer base. The ability to communicate effectively with clients is necessary for a sales rep job.

Also, you should be able to pitch the benefits of your products/services to your customers. Every customer wants to know why they should patronize you. The ability to effectively convince them lies with you.

According to payscale, the average salary of a Sales Representative is $44,666 per annum. With over 55% being male professionals, and with the prospect of growing into the role of an Account Manager.

12. Transcribing Officer

Different companies employ transcribers to transcribe audio messages to written format. This is a good one for a communication major who has a keen interest and passion for transcription.

The transcriber’s role is to listen to the audio message and type it correctly for the company.

Good listening skill is needed for this task, and interestingly, communication graduates possess it.

As a communication graduate, your ability to transcribe words correctly will give you an edge over others. Besides, most companies pay based on the number of words you transcribe.

Your speed in transcribing with precision is important. Choosing this career path is a good one as a communication major.

According to payscale, the average salary of a Transcribing Officer is $39,500 per annum. With over 85% being female professionals.

13. Translator and Interpreter

As a communication graduate, you should be able to learn more than one major language. For those that are fluent in another major language, becoming a translator in that language for an organization or company is a one.

You can translate different works such as prose, journals, web content, journals, and poetry for organizations. It is crucial to translate the words correctly with the intended meaning. This is where you stand a better chance over others.

The skills you possess are not effective until you fully use them to achieve a set goal. If you think you can translate well, consider a career path in this direction.

According to payscale, the average salary of a professional Translator or Interpreter is $44,267 per annum. With over 73% of professionals being female and the prospects of growing into a full-time Interpreter or Medical Interpreter.

14. Social Worker

Various Not-for-profit organizations need good communicators as social workers. The role of a social worker is to help the less privileged and those that have different challenges.

Social workers show empathy through various ways to reduce the level of suffering of the less privileged. They work in schools, hospitals, rehabilitation centers, clinics, and private establishments.

A communication graduate with good interpersonal skills can work in this setting. If your dream is to become a pillar for another person to lean on, you can work here. With your effective communication skills and love for humanity, this career path is good.

According to payscale, the average salary of a Social Worker is $47,927 per annum. With over 85% of professionals being female, and with prospects of growing into the role of Social Services Director.

15. Communication Specialist

Different organizations use communications specialists to carry out important functions. The role of a communication specialist is to communicate effectively with clients.

Communication specialists are good customer service representatives. They have good analytical skills, speaking skills, and writing skills. Moreover, they have good interpersonal skills that enable them to relate well with others.

A communication graduate possesses these skills naturally. So, he/she can suit the role of a communication specialist in any organization.

According to payscale, the average salary of a communication specialist is $53,800 per annum. With over 78% of professionals being female, and with prospects of growing into the role of Communications Manager.


A communication degree has a wide range of career paths. The above fifteen best career paths are good for those with a communications degree. Meanwhile, it is important to choose a career path that you are passionate about.

Moreover, you must be ready to keep learning and updating yourself with the latest happenings in your field for you to be relevant in your career. 

You should also be open-minded and objective when choosing a career path because it will help you easily adjust where necessary. 

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