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55 Job Interview Presentation Topics

Job interview Presentations can give some butterflies in the stomach. After all, it might be the conversation that will decide your tomorrow. Things can get more serious if you are required to make a presentation as part of the interview.

The good news is that shouldn’t be the end of the world. That nightmare can turn into a dream with prior preparation and research.

There is a growing trend in some companies when recruiting, where they ask their interviewee to give a presentation as part of the interview process, and they either give the topic to them or ask them to come up with one.

The person applying for the job can use the time before the interview presentation date as an advantage to research and prepare for acing the presentation.

When choosing the topic, one thing to have in mind is the position to be filled, which will help when deciding what to present to the interviewers, as the topic should be related to the position. Otherwise, it will deviate everyone’s focus.

After quick and thorough research, it is possible to come up with basic information about the company and position offered to choose the topic for the presentation.

I have had a lot of success in preparing my job presentations or case study presentations and landing the job offer, it comes natural to me, but also, I take a lot of time to do research and structure the presentations in a compelling and exciting way. It takes time to master that skill, but don’t despair, because you can get help with your PowerPoint presentations from experts. Contact the guys at Custom Writings, they’re a presentation writing service which will handle your project on any topic.

Having said all that, let’s look at 55 ideas from 11 topics (5 for each) for a job interview presentation.

  1. Arts and Culture
  2. Business
  3. Education
  4. Ethics
  5. Science
  6. Sustainability
  7. Technology
  8. Society
  9. Human resources
  10. Nutrition
  11. Logistics

Each one of the topics above can be a broad theme and be related to anything and everything, though they can be focused on specifics of a job description, for example, to meet the expectations of the interviewers and judge how good your research about the topic and the position is.

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11 Great topics for a job interview presentation

1. Arts and Culture

Arts and culture involve many aspects of society, such as music, movies, performances, TV, literature, and so on.

When presenting a topic about Arts and Culture, the audience will probably be familiarized with it. Again, research will be crucial here. It is absolutely important that the presenter knows what he/she is saying. Thorough research will get that job done.

Another aspect to be taken into account is that since people are probably already familiar with the topic, the presenter can adopt a conversational and more personal approach, of course, not forgetting the professional touch. After all, the presentation is part of a job interview .

Arts and Culture Job Interview Presentation Topics:

  • How to get more people to read books?
  • Learning foreign languages as a preventive measure when traveling.
  • How important are museums for local communities?
  • Are movies harmful to child education?
  • How to improve music’s efficacy as a language learning tool?

2. Business 

Topics in the business section will be focused on people and positions in the corporate world, leadership, management, human relations, communications, and similar subjects. This subject might need more research, and the data presented will have to be exact as those should be assumed to impact aspects of a real-time workplace.

The interviewers may see in a presentation an opportunity to find new ideas for issues they currently face in the company or even new working approaches to be applied. Serious research and real-time data presented in an interview can really help the candidate get picked for a position.

Business Job Interview Presentation Topics:

  • How to make the workplace learning-friendly?
  • Ways to make remote collaboration work.
  • Improving communication between co-workers.
  • How to measure the ROI in all Marketing campaigns?
  • What are the best strategies to improve Customer Experience and loyalty?
Job Interview Presentation Topics

3. Education

Education is a subject that interests many, if not everyone. When being dealt with, one thing to keep in mind is that a quality education today will shape the future of a country and the world, what can be improved and what can change to make education better.

A lot has been said about Educational systems. All those opinions should be used to understand perhaps what is missing and see if things can change.

Education is a subject that can give a lot of options for research and problem-solving. It should be seen as an advantage to have this subject on hand.

Education Job Interview Presentation Topics:

  • The impact of a parent’s engagement in school life.
  • How do curriculum changes affect the process of learning?
  • Homeschooling: is it better than the traditional education system?
  • Does remote education work? How to Improve it?
  • Secular Education: Obsolete?

4. Ethics 

This is a subject that also interests many, and if well presented, can engage the audience right away. People are constantly thinking about ethics, and how something that seems good for a group of people can look bad to others. It can, at times, be intriguing too.

If you bring in the right questions and get people to wonder, you will definitely engage whoever is listening.

That is an opportunity to call the attention of interviewers to research results and interesting finds about ethics. Since ethics involve some critical thinking, it creates an opportunity to showcase some of it to the audience too.

Ethics Job Interview Presentation Topics:

  • Should cities have cameras in the streets?
  • 3-D printing and development of human organs.
  • Death penalty: does it solve the problem?
  • Is taking gifts from your business partners anti-ethical?
  • Is love in the Workplace forbidden? Can we control our emotions?

5. Science

Science is also a broad topic related to researching and bringing results in certain areas. Trying to understand the world, its creation, and how to make it better through analysis hypothesis and experiments with elements found in nature.

Science topics to be chosen will be broad and involve every aspect of life to be known.

Science Job Interview Presentation Topics:

  • How was the planet created?
  • Immortality: does it align with nature’s ways of working?
  • What is “Dark Matter” and why is it important?
  • Is climate change going to render our planet inhospitable in 50 years?
  • How can we save the World from the next global pandemic?

6. Sustainability

The subject of sustainability is a very interesting topic that has gained a lot of attention recently due to proposed changes to help decrease the effects of global warming. It should not be only important at certain times though.

It should be adopted forever, as that is the only way to co-exist with the biosphere to both meet our needs and not jeopardize nature, and this way, future generations can enjoy a planet like the one we found and even better. So this subject can proportionate a broad choice of topics as well.

Sustainability Job Interview Presentation Topics:

  • How to adopt sustainable approaches in our daily lives?
  • What are ways to promote a sustainable lifestyle among students?
  • To what extent are catering and food products certified as organic or fair trade food?
  • Fossil fuels vs Renewable Energy: How sustainable it is to use only one of them?
  • Donations to poor countries and its impact on future generations

7. Technology

When the subject is technology, the thing that comes to mind for almost everyone is the digital era. A lot has changed and is still changing; many sectors adopt these changes in their environment and would be interested in knowing more about the so-called technology and how it would help them in the digital era.

Technology Job Interview Presentation Topics:

8. Society

Society is another subject that will resonate with everyone, and that can be used as an advantage as there can be many topics to choose from. How people relate within a community and how those relations are seen by the ones in it.

It is crucial to improve relations in society, as the individuals will constantly interact with one another.

Society Job Interview Presentation Topics:

  • Are we doing enough to end poverty?
  • Volunteering in your community.
  • Race relations need to be improved.
  • How to improve malnutrition in Africa?
  • Are the Indigenous people being treated fairly?

9. Human resources

The personnel responsible for recruiting people capable of doing the required job; training the recruited people; promoting a good working environment, and monitor performance.

This subject will be narrowed to aspects of companies. These will need people capable of selecting from a broad group, the ones that fit with the job description.

Human Resources Job Interview Presentation Topics:

  • Creating a stress-free environment.
  • Balancing HR Strategies with business growth.
  • Harassment of women in the workplace.
  • Career Progression Plans
  • Effective Succession Planning

10. Nutrition

A lot of people only think about food upon hearing the word nutrition. Well, they do not deviate from the subject. Though how and what people eat will influence their body, mind, and spirit, there are researches that prove that food, for example, influences the mood of a person.

So a company dealing with food or health might want a candidate to present the results of research in this area. Influences of nutrition in other areas of life would then be attractive to interviewers operating in this area.

Nutrition Job Interview Presentation Topics:

  • Habits of food purchases and association with diet.
  • Practice and application of knowledge by nutrition students.
  • Childhood Obesity: Possible causes and solutions.
  • Organic food vs. Processed Food: How to keep the balance?
  • What is the most effective way of reducing weight beyond your 30s?

11. Logistics

The process involving the organization and transportation of goods from one point to another is what logistics comprise. These goods need to be safely handled during transportation and storage until handed to customers.

Companies should focus on collaboration between the transport providers, the buyers, and the vendors in order to have a good final result.

Logistics Job Interview Presentation Topics:

  • Transportation as a Vital Aspect of Logistics and Supply Chain Management.
  • Radio Frequency Identification: the Use of a Minuscule Computer Chip to Track the Product.
  • Recruiting quality drivers for your trucking company.
  • Internation ship cargo tracking
  • How to expedite the Customs Clearance process?

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job Interview presentation topics


In conclusion,

There is a broad range of topics to be chosen or, in some cases, given. All one has to do is dedicate some time before the interview to research the topic and develop some good ideas and facts to ensure the interviewers get interested and engaged in the presentation.

A reliable and facts-rich presentation might save the candidate a spot on the company. It can all be resumed to good research, one that goes to the roots of an issue and brings answers and solutions to be taken into consideration.

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