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Entertaining Speech: 6 Tips for Amusing your Audience

An entertaining speech is not a mere joke, it’s the art of delivering valuable information in an amusing and interesting way. Many people make the mistake of thinking of it as just another joke, while in fact, you could very well entertain people in all sorts of ways. Let’s start with a clear definition of an entertaining speech…

An entertaining speech is a speech that delivers its message in a fun and amusing way. Entertaining speeches are usually delivered on special occasions; weddings, award shows, etc. An entertaining speech connects with the audience on an emotional level and keeps them engaged all the way through.

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All speeches should be entertaining. Of course, it all depends on the occasion and the audience. But I believe everyone should try to make their speeches as entertaining as possible.

Giving an entertaining speech doesn’t mean that you have to be funny and make your audience crack their ribs. Its all about holding your audience’s attention and passing across your message in a seemingly casual way. Although they may not be the main purpose of your speech, jokes are an important part of entertaining speeches , they are tools to help you get your message across.

Here are some tips to consider in giving an entertaining speech


How you start your speech is important. How you begin will either make your audience relax and look forward to what you have to say or become defensive and nit-pick your every word. A joke, witty comment or an unusual greeting are all great options. For maximum effect, make sure you understand your audience, know what to say to get them into a relaxed mood. Stories on the state of the economy will appeal to adults while the latest Disney cartoon will resonate with kids.

However, there is no one size fits all, your opening might not appeal to everyone in the room, but if you have a majority on your side, you are set. The fun energy will hopefully transfer to the other “less-impressed” members of the audience as the speech goes on.

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You will still have to prepare extensively as you would for other types of speeches. The jokes and stories you are going to employ for comic relief should be carefully selected and rehearsed. Have an outline, a beginning, middle and a conclusion. All the points you will like to pass across should be clearly spelled out. Practice the entire speech in front of a mirror. Work on your gestures and intonations. Sometimes the difference between a bad and a good joke is how it is said. Also, do some research on your audience , find out what they easily relate to.

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When it comes to delivering entertaining speeches, its all about confidence. Your audience needs to see you as someone who is worth listening to. If you believe you have no confidence, then fake being confident when giving an entertaining speech, who knows? That confidence might stick you.

Constantly interact with your audience, ask questions, give relatable examples and tell funny and emotional stories. Another great way to engage your audience is to have your audience perform one task or the other, like raising their hands, standing to their feet or yelling out some words. Always be aware of the overall mood in the room, if the energy seems to have tanked, drop a bombshell to get things going again.

entertaining speech
To entertain in Speech is to Engage and Amuse the Audience


How do you intend to entertain your audience if they can’t even understand what you are saying? An entertaining speech shouldn’t be an avenue for you to talk about the nuances of quantum physics, except if your audience is made up of physics professors.

Use language and words that your audience will have no trouble understanding. You don’t want your audience trying to figure out what the words you are speaking mean instead of enjoying your speech. Avoid touchy subjects. An entertaining speech shouldn’t be used to advance any agenda your audience may not agree with. All in all, keep it simple.


If you are given a specific amount of time to speak, Great! Tailor your speech to fit into those limits. But if you weren’t given specific time limits, be smart. A short speech will do you much good. A long and protracted speech will only live your audience bored . Don’t get carried away and forget what your speech was meant to accomplish. Stay on point, be brief, your audience will appreciate it.


Keep the best stuff for last. Make those ending moments as memorable as possible. Your audience might not remember all that you said during your speech, but your conclusion has the potential to stay with them for a while. Put some effort into crafting concluding sentences that can’t easily be forgotten.

A summary of all you covered during your speech will be great . Tell your audience what they are expected to take away. That although they had a nice time laughing at your jokes and whatnot, they shouldn’t forget what your speech was all about; your message.


Listed below are some entertaining speech ideas , feel free to use any of them next time you are called upon to give a speech.

  • Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder.
  • Why you should try meditation.
  • Why we need to take care of our planet.
  • How to stay grateful.
  • How to communicate in the 21st century.
  • Online dating, good or bad.
  • Here’s why you should skip college.
  • Why you should learn a new language.
  • Dogs are truly man’s best friend.
  •  How will future cities look like?
  • Is world peace attainable?
  • Half-full or half empty.
  • What does it mean to be an average person?
  • Where do we go when we die?
  • What does happiness mean to you?
  • Is following your passion a good idea?
  • How would you tackle world problems relating to lack?
  • Books you need to read before you die.
  • Does being normal do you any good?
  • Movies that will change your life.
  • How to best describe yourself.
  • How to get fired.
  • Do lawyers actually lie?
  • How to get arrested.
  • Fake it till you make it.


Rules and principles aside, it’s important that you be yourself. Sincerity and honesty will always crack any audience, any day, anytime. Be sure to enjoy every moment of your speech and hopefully your audience will too. Draw upon your unique strengths and abilities in giving an awesome speech that your audience won’t forget in a hurry.



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