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Informative Speech: Definition, and 155 Informative Speech Topics

What is an Informative Speech?

An informative speech can be understood as one whose real aim seeks to thoroughly inform and educate a particular audience on a specific topic or subject, using genuine life application use cases. The bane of speech to inform topics bothers around the intricacies concerning a particular subject and those key instructions or step-by-step guidelines to the listener on the many ways to execute them.

For the most part, the main hurdle when it comes to making an informative speech is having the right kinds of topics. Being able to formulate great informative speech topics can have a profound effect on your audience.

Great topics can captivate and engage your audience in many ways, at the same time being very informative, leaving them with great insights. You also get to enjoy the whole process as your workflow becomes a lot more flexible when you are able to communicate and connect better with an audience on a more stellar level.

Before we give you the list of 100+ speech to inform topics, it is essential that you understand the key things that make up a great informative speech and work on them as soon as you have decided to go ahead with delivering that speech.

Now, there are a couple of tips you should have at the back of your mind when it comes to picking out the right topic for your informative speech ideas. We will do our best to touch on a handful them below:

1. Know Your Audience

Every informative speech you make will most certainly be targeted to a peculiar class of people.

The class of people will fall under age, gender, societal level, cader, and whatnot. Always take this into full consideration when structuring your presentation.

You should make sure to base your subject around issues that people are not too familiar with.

Most times, when people continuously get exposed to a particular subject, there is the off chance they might be turned off as there is nothing unique being added to what is already known. Hence, be careful not to come off as being too cliché.

If it is the case that the topic touches on familiar terrain, you could do a little research and come up with new ideas to add to what is already on the ground.

For more details on how to make an audience analysis to know your audience and deliver a speech that will keep them engaged, please read this related article with ten steps to do it right.

2. Take Your Interests Into Consideration

One of the best ways to generate an informative speech idea is to do so in niches, where you are most conversant with.

You should craft mostly topics that you have a certain level of expertise or experience because our minds perform at their best in things that we naturally love doing.

You will find the entire process is made a lot easier as there is usually an influx of great ideas that come spontaneously when you invest only a small amount of time brainstorming.

When you focus mostly on subjects that tickle your interest, you find that your audience will share in your enthusiasm, creating room for greater bonding and understanding.

3. Provide Answers To The Tough Questions

You should be able to not only pass along information to an audience, but also, give them insightful expository as to why they follow through with it, or what they should do with that information.

You never know, such great insights can serve as a background for their next project or business. They could be insightful for formulating better government policies, for example.

You must keep the sessions as engaging and exciting as possible, providing the right answers to a select group of tough questions if you want your audience to remain attentive.

4. Give Out Only Useful Information

There is always the high chance that your audience could break focus at any given point; it is imperative that you should be very particular about what you say and how you choose to say it.

Cross-check your presentation over and over and pick out areas which you can do away with, squishing it down to few but very concise points.

5. Start With The Most Vital Information

Before you set off to make your presentation , you should take into consideration the point above, being able to hold down your audience’s rapt attention.

In the same vein, you should consider arranging each point of your presentation in order of relevance, starting from most essential to the least relevant.

Depending also on the topic of discussion, you can organize your points chronologically, from the most recent events to the oldest and vice versa

6. Apply Visuals

Visual presentations like photos, videos, graphs, and PowerPoint slide presentations can add a creative touch to your informative speeches .

It is often said that the brain process and understands information faster when represented in images and pictures. So it is a no-brainer that using visuals in your presentations not only adds some beauty to it but helps your audience ingrain information much faster and better, keeping them glued throughout the entire process.

7. Opt for Small Group Discussions

Where the structure of the public address event permits closed discussions with particular, you should consider chopping your presentations down to discussions within small groups, so you can connect best with a small section of people who will bond better and share the same energy with you and whatever you have to say. They are also more likely to offer some ideas of their own as a contribution to the topic, which is a win-win for everyone.

8. Reiterate Your Points Once Again

As you round up on your presentation, it is always good to offer a small summary of all the information you just provided. This will help your audience to retain key points long after the presentation is done.

Where the information shared is a bit complicated, take out your time to reiterate every point, slowly and carefully and then ask for any questions or feedback from the audience regarding any grey areas that need addressing.

9. Always Work With Time

You most certainly will be given a specific time slot within which you are expected to give your informative speech.

You should know how to use this time to cover the topic in question adequately. That is why you must have a comprehensive knowledge base on what you intend talking about.

For instance, if you know you might not have such a great understanding on the subject of drug and substance abuse by high school kids, or tricks to planning your finance as a single person, and the time allocated is about 15 to 20 minutes, it will be best to settle for something different.

Learn to work with time constraints, irrespective of how short it could be. Also, try and keep your presentation as summarized as possible in order to manage the time .

Informative Speech Topics

100+ Informative Speech Topics & Niches

Listed below are about 100+ informative speech topics and niches that you can pick from and play around with:

Informative Speech Topics on Communication

Informative Speech Topics on Business

Informative Speech Topics on Finance

  • History of the currency system
  • History of the Federal reserve
  • Learning how to save money
  • How to avoid credit card debt
  • Understanding bail-out and financial aid
  • How to understand the financial market and stock trends
  • Learn how to invest.
  • How to live within a budget
  • How to handle debt and money problems
  • Internet banking and safety

Informative Speech Topics on Economy

  • The need for education in the marketplace
  • History of the tax system in the US
  • How China became a world power
  • The increasing world demand for food.
  • The positive impact on the economy if everybody planted their own food
  • Effect of a progressive tax on social welfare.

Informative Speech Topics on Education

  • Importance of having a formal education
  • Is having a college degree as necessary in this day and age?
  • Why test scores are not great evaluation tools for student performance
  • Should pupils and tutors communicate on social media?
  • Should meals be allowed during learning hours
  • Where our educational systems are failing
  • Advantages of learning many other languages
  • How to tackle learning deficiencies in students

Informative Speech Topics on Environment

  • The need to curb and combat global warming
  • Effect of global warming
  • Health hazards of genetically-modified food
  • Deforestation and its negative impacts
  • Eco-friendly solutions to climate change
  • Cattle rearing and its contribution to global warming
  • Why we should reduce beef intake
  • How recycling reduces pollution
  • The negative effect of inorganic fertilizer on crops

Informative Speech Topics on Family

  • Is family planning a reality in Africa?
  • Adoption of best practices and orphaned kids welfare
  • Improving child and parent relationship
  • Sexual and physical abuse of children
  • Impact of dysfunctional homes on the development of children
  • What is the right age for children to leave home?
  • The role of a father figure in the home
  • Ways to improve foster care.

Informative Speech Topics on Government And Politics

  • Formulating favorable policies
  • Population control and its effect on economic growth
  • Is the President entitled to certain benefits
  • Result of filibustering in Congress
  • The harmful use of media in politics
  • How bills should be passed in the senate
  • War against corruption.
  • Why we should champion separation of powers
  • The role of community in policymaking
  • Thoughts on the building of the US/Mexico wall
  • Importance of communism.
  • The negative domino effect of free trade on the economy
  • Reagan era: Good, Bad and the ugly
  • Role of women in governance
  • Formulating better immigration reforms.

Informative Speech Topics on Health

  • The negative impact of the fast-food industry
  • Side effects of steroids and enhancers
  • Importance of cardio exercises
  • Depression and anxiety in the digital age
  • Rise of insomnia in modern life
  • Handling bipolar and personality disorder
  • Ethical issues regarding blood transfusion and organ donation.
  • The importance of maintaining a healthy diet
  • Controversies surrounding birth control and abortion

Informative Speech Topics on Media

  • The adverse effects of the media
  • How too much TV affects teens
  • How social media and streaming services help artistes
  • How novel plots gets lost in translation in movies
  • How TV killed cinema
  • The role of movies in popular culture and perception
  • Why reading is still important
  • Importance of podcasting
  • Impact of social media and our attention span reduction
  • Impact of a great TV show or series on young people
  • The coming to an end of social media.
  • Importance of satellite radio
  • The advertising industry and its impact on society
  • James Bond character and its influence
  • How CNN transformed journalism

Informative Speech Topics on Relationships

  • Sex, dating, and marriage in Islam
  • How to know the right partner
  • Secrets to having a successful marriage
  • The difference in marriages of the 1960s to those of today
  • Picking out a life partner
  • The increasing rate of divorce and its causes
  • Millennials and relationships
  • Why millennials are having less sex than the boomer generation did
  • When is the proper time to get married
  • How to differentiate between love, lust, and infatuation
  • How to conquer your fear of the opposite sex
  • Ways to severe unproductive friendships and toxic relationships
  • Ways to handle long-distance relationships
  • Planning the best wedding

Informative Speech Topics on Religion

  • The real teachings of Jesus Christ (peace be upon him)
  • The authentic teachings of Muhammad (peace be upon him)
  • The warnings against blasphemy
  • False teachings of heresy
  • How modern society is watering down Christian values
  • Who was Muhammad and Why near 2 Billion people follow him
  • Why Islam is considered A Great Religion
  • Lopsided teachings of Christianity
  • The forming of sects and cabals with religions
  • Teachings of false doctrines in the church
  • Is celebrating Christmas wrong
  • Is hell real
  • Are Masturbation and premarital sex a sin?
  • Was Jesus black or white?
  • The growing population of Islam
  • The role of religion in modern warfare
  • People are free to worship Satan
  • How different religions are related
  • Why there is Only One True God


Now, remember once again that before drafting out your informative speech topics, you must make sure to factor in your audience’s preferences, your own interests, as well as time constraints. Having this at the tip of your fingers will help you make precise and more informative presentations.

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