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11 Tips for Delivering Entertaining Virtual Presentations

A Virtual Presentation is when the Speaker Delivers the Presentation remotely, and for some reason, it is not necessary to meet in person. For instance, when you want to make a presentation to people from different countries or physical locations. 

Virtual Presentations cuts the costs by 50% or even more, which is why they are the best choice for some situations.

If you’re are one of those who want to make your virtual Presentation more interactive and entertaining, then you are in the right place. 

It is a fact that we are living in the Global Pandemic times, where most meetings and presentations are done remotely. In this article, we will give you 11 fail-proof tips for you to Deliver an Entertaining Virtual Presentation.

  1. Make your Presentation with Confidence
  2. Your Background Counts a lot
  3. Get Familiarized with Technology
  4. Test Your Sound
  5. Interesting Content
  6. Be Yourself
  7. Be Excited and Passionate
  8. Use Your Camera the Right Way
  9. Lights
  10. Manage the Chat
  11. Practice Screen Sharing

11 Tips for Delivering Entertaining Virtual Presentations

Make your Presentation with Confidence.

Being confident in a presentation requires a lot of practice , making sure you are prepared to multitask online and manage to swing seamlessly from slides to other tools like a screen or even your frontal camera. 

If you are going to use annotation tools such as writing text, highlight words or sentences, train yourself first to make sure you won’t fail during a live event.

Your Background Counts a lot.

A Good background will captivate your audience; it will make them believe that you are a great professional. 

Try to use light and clean backgrounds or with solid colors and avoid having anything that can distract your audience. 

You can also see on the platform that you will use if it offers tools to add a virtual background or blur your Background, in case of having stuff you’d rather not show.

Get Familiarized with Technology.

Being a layman in technology may lead your Presentation to failure; if you don’t want to ruin your virtual meeting, make sure you know how to manage all the tools you will use. 

If tech isn’t your area, hire someone to deal with all the tech stuff, and give yourself some time to learn how to set up your computer for an internet connection.

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Test Your Sound

Before your meeting starts, make sure you have a pair of Headsets and a microphone. Run some tests to see if the sound is OK; a simple connection problem can make all the good work go down. 

Try to use a Lapel Microphone, so you can easily make gestures or movements without getting uncomfortable.

Interesting Content

If your content is interesting, your audience will definitively get captivated and entertained.

When you are doing a virtual presentation, you cannot keep people’s attention with your eye contact. However, you can use many things to attract your audience’s attention, such as Links, images, screen Sharing videos, and Slides.

Be Yourself

Compelling and authentic Body Language is also crucial for the success of your Live Presentation.

Eye contact will make your audience trust in your words or what you are saying, and it is not different in virtual presentations, but for that to happen, make sure you use videoconference apps. 

You may not be able to see your audience. However, they will be able to see you, try to be as real as possible in front of the camera.

Be Excited and Passionate

If you want to engage your audience , you have to be passionate and excited about the Presentation, just like you would for a Live Presentation.

Carry energy in your voice, manage your tone, your mannerisms, be engaging, and ask questions, avoid speaking in monotone because your audience may lose interest.

Use Your Camera the Right Way

The best thing you can do during a virtual presentation is to play around with the camera, but make sure you do these essential things:

  • Don’t cut off your head on the Screen.
  • Don’t be too close.
  • Don’t be too far.
  • Try to be in a position that is comfortable for your audience to see you.
  • Avoid trying to look yourself on Screen.
  • Keep your eyes pointed to the camera always.


After Setting up your Background, set your light in a way that does not create shadows behind you or on the sides.

Try to have lights on top and the sides, or a Ring Light, do not position them too close or too far; place them in a distance where you will have good contrast and great clarity to deliver a Good Quality Image to your audience.

Manage the Chat

Imagine that during your Presentation, for some reason, you have to mute the audience. You are still going to want questions or comments from them, depending on the platform you are working on, you are going to have a chatbox, and you don’t want the chatbox to pop up on the screen all the time. 

You can try to have a second monitor to manage the chat separately, so when it is a Questions and answers session, you jump over to the second monitor and work with it.

Practice Screen Sharing

Screen Sharing is also important during a virtual presentation because obviously, you will need to show some slides, information, infographics, etc. 

For that to happen, you have to practice your skills on screen Sharing before the Presentation starts, make sure your Desktop is not messed up, or having things that the audience will feel uncomfortable to see or distract them.

Examples of Online Platforms to Use for Entertaining a Virtual Audience

There are many tools and platforms for a virtual Presentations where you can choose which one is more suitable for the type of presentation you are going to make.

Within the many platforms for videoconference the most used are, Zoom, Microsoft Teams, and Skype.

Entertaining Virtual Presentations InfoGraphic

entertaining virtual presentations


Using these tips will grant the success of your Presentation , make sure you prepare the environment you are going to be in, check all the tech stuff and the lights before you start. This may look like small details, but they will make a huge difference when it comes to getting your audience’s attention. It will help you captivate them and have a good entertaining virtual presentation.


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