Memorized Speech or Presentations

How to Prepare and Deliver a Great Memorized Speech

A memorized speech can be a real nightmare ; We easily forget most things even setting schedules and alarms, or asking a friend to remind us about important things to do proves to be a challenge sometimes – now imagine memorizing an entire speech.

Today we will learn a bit about how to prepare ourselves and deliver a memorized speech successfully!

A Memorized Speech or Presentation is the one that is performed completely from memory, based on a paper or information that is already written, whether it’s from our authorship or not.

Everything we need to say and pitch about is centered on only one content that usually is not new to our public (whichever is other speakers or audience).

 As the speakers in the speech, we need to have some time, days, or weeks, to prepare to perform it to an audience.

Our audience doesn’t expect us to bring notes, books, or any guide besides memory to remind the content. 

There is an implicit requirement that the speaker needs to be familiar with the content and passionate if possible, this way… it will come out naturally; That is why it is crucial to find a reason or something that we like about the content.

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 Passion comes in zero place before our two main tasks: 

  • Preparation
  • Delivery

Successful Memorized Speech Task 1: Preparation

Here we need to focus on developing content, skills, and techniques to perform our speech . The memorized speech requires that we take time to create a bond between us and our subject; after all, we will imprint it on our brains and soul (has to be).

Reading about it or having conversations with people that know about it would be great to create natural memories that we won’t easily forget.

Most times, subjects are given, so we don’t need to focus on producing content, but they’re also those times we need to be the speakers and the content like most poetry contests. 

Visual interactions associated with arguments tend to last more time on our minds, and because we are about to find a way to bond with the content, it won’t fade away that easily.  

A memorized speech is not always about saying the words precisely as they were written. To wing it without going out of the original content can be in sometimes an excellent thing. 

Because it passes the message that we own the content, and it is not a set of words that we took memorize and repeat.

Some memorized speeches will produce the content, which means looking for the information that interests us and makes us feel passionate enough to write about it; this is commonly seen in poetry contests. 

Our concern is to take on board which type of subjects our audience is concerned about, but we should also find it essential to find reasons to be passionate to create flow and openness.

They are also those memorize speeches like a sales pitch, in which our primary focus is on getting to know more about the product itself, side-effects, finding positives things, and structure the best way to launch it behind people.

The preparation stage of a memorized speech is all about three things:

  1. Get Familiar with the subject;
  2. Feel Comfortable with it;
  3. Develop a structure of speech outcome.

 These are the pilar of the preparation stage, and to achieve this, we need to draw actual goals, namely, transforming the which to perform a memorized speech in activities.

So imagine we are getting ready for a spelling competition, we need to engage this new goal into on our schedule, not as a task that needs to be ticked diary but as visualizing different sets it could be practiced, for example:

  • Hanging around with friends making a game of rotating spell;
  • Scrolling images and as we see spell the word;
  • Have a playlist of our favorite relaxing songs when it is time to practice.

Because we want to imprint in our brains and make it a regular action, our memory will be tested.

We need to practice, especially when we are about / having fun, so it gets on our emotions, in front of friends or family, so having an audience on the big day won’t make us feel anxious or blocked.

A memorized speech can be prepared in 4 steps:

  1. Make our need to memorize an activity;
  2. Engage it in our daily schedule to turn into a lasting memory;
  3. Choose times we are having fun, so it becomes easier to do;
  4. Do it with people’s help from time to time so we can get used to an audience.
Memorized Speech or Presentation

Successful Memorized Speech Task 2: Delivery

So here we are, the BIG DAY as arrived. What should we first? First of all, breathe. We need to make sure we have time enough to breathe slowly and be in the moment. It is scientifically proven that breathing helps our brains calm down and find solutions when facing a problem. 

When I had to perform my first memorized speech, I took plenty of time reading the content over and over again. All kinds of the way with music, without music, alone, with people, I did everything but breathe, which was my biggest mistake.

When the time arrived, I had all in my mind until I got nervous and forgot everything I need to say before; I could not improve because I didn’t bond with content. We don’t this to happen with you never, so remember to breathe.

On the day of the delivery, we want to be relaxed and make sure our mind and spirit are in sync. The pressure of practicing too much on the day eventually will create tension between us, trying to remember what goes next and the audience. 

Remember to keep up the new routine we have created to bond with the content, visualizing the speech we are about to give has an opportunity to along and have fun.

Having a structure is always helpful. We could start by not forgetting to interact with the audience, which means say Good Morning, smile, make eye contact, and maybe just come with a little joke.

Showing some pictures related to our content or adding some light instrumental to a poetry contest would be a good tip because it would create an open environment.

We want to choose clothes that are not very colorful so that the audience pays attention to what we have to say and not how neon green doesn’t match our curvy stance, so yes, we also need to pay attention to our body language.

The memorized speech can be delivered in 5 steps:

  1. Believe that we got this; after all, we have been practicing to make it a habit, something that is naturally part of us;
  2. Keep up the new routine we created on the preparation stage;
  3. Have a structure to outcome the content;
  4. Articulate body language with speech to make the audience open and receptive;
  5. Breathe.


It is possible to perfume a memorized speech without getting stressed by planning it and engaging in our daily activities. It doesn’t have to be a speech without personality either by creating a structure that will not only outcome the content at the right time but also adding some images to make it memorable.

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