Sales Professionals Should Watch

11 Movies or Shows Every Sales Professionals Should Watch

Who doesn’t like to watch a good series in their free time? Even better if you can learn something new while you’re watching, right? 

Like books, articles, podcasts, and videos, series are also a great way to learn new things – including sales. 

That’s why we created a list of movies or series that, in addition to entertaining, teach valuable lessons about negotiation, strategy, communication, and sales. Prepare the popcorn and choose one of the series below to marathon and learn while watching.

11 Movies Every Sales Professionals Should Watch 

See below the top movie tips on Netflix and other streamings for improving their sales skills, motivating their team, or simply relaxing while learning. 

1. The Pursuit of Happiness 

This film is one of the best known by actor Will Smith. With a touching story, the narrative approaches the main character using various techniques to sell their products. 

This is one of the movie tips on Netflix that most affect the emotional side, addressing the tense moments experienced in the sales area. The narrative shows that learning is never enough despite having salesmanship skills.

2. Tony Robbins – I’m Not Your Guru 

This film is a documentary production by Netflix, placed in its catalog in 2016. The work brings together several behind-the-scenes videos from the annual seminar held in Florida (USA) by speaker and writer Tony Robbins. 

Tony Robbins is known worldwide as the “business guru,” but as the film’s name suggests, he doesn’t like the title he bears. 

This professional’s work draws attention mainly because his development training has already helped names such as Bill Clinton, Princess Diana, Mikhail Gorbachev, Mother Teresa, and Nelson Mandela. 

Without a doubt, this is one of the movies on Netflix sales that, in 2022, is still very successful!

3. The Devil Wears Prada 

This comedy film addresses the importance of personal marketing for career success. We get to know a very determined character who only achieves her goals with a lot of determination and, mainly, through her changes in behavior.

4. Upstarts 

Upstarts is a movie for salespeople by Netflix, released in 2019, which portrays the entrepreneurial story of three university students who associate and create a startup. 

In this Indian film about business, it is possible to learn about entrepreneurship and the difficulties behind a partnership between friends.

5. Coach Carter — Workout for Life 

Coach Carter is an old movie, but with many concepts applicable to the current scenario, especially for leaders who notice their unmotivated teams. 

The film tells the story of coach Carter, a teacher dedicated to changing the history of a basketball team, which despite many difficulties, shows potential to be worked on and developed. 

A film with lessons about persistence, changes, and the ability to grow as a team, perfect for expanding the vision of how group dynamics can enhance the results of a sales team.

6. Suits 

Suits tell the story of Harvey Specter, one of the best lawyers in Manhattan. He’s stylish, innovative, and successful at work. After being promoted, Harvey needs to recruit a graduate from Harvard College. He chooses Mike Ross, but he doesn’t have a degree. Despite this, the boy is a genius, and together with Harvey, they form an unbeatable lawyer duo. 

In addition to being a great series to watch, Suits can teach you a lot about the business world and how to deal with people. 

By watching Suits, you learn about some public speaking techniques, argumentation, and persuasion. Harvey Specter teaches that we should not raise the tone of voice to impose something but improve our argument. Likewise, it is from a good statement that the seller can convince the consumer and sell more. 

In addition, Harvey always maintains eye contact with his customers when talking to them. When you make eye contact with another person, you signal interest in what they are saying. And they’ll feel like you’re genuinely paying attention. 

Like lawyers, salespeople need to network well, get close to the right people, and do business with them. Suits’ lawyers highly value networking. They attend gala balls at top-quality restaurants to always be in contact with the public they want to attract and conquer.

7. The First Million 

This film, released in 2000, tells the story of a group of young brokers who overnight conquered a fortune, becoming millionaires. 

With this, it is possible to see how imperative it is to live all stages of the sales funnel and how professional sales need to build strategies to convince their customers and finally be able to close a deal. 

This film can be seen as an excellent mirror for such professionals, allowing the lessons learned to be put into practice in negotiations and developing fundamental characteristics to achieve success, such as determination, ethics, and self-confidence.

8. Peak Blinders 

In our tips for the best series for those who are in the sales market, Peaky Blinders could not be missing. Starring Thomas Shelby’s character, the series teaches that whoever has the information has the power.

So, even though Shelby is a criminal who is part of an English gang formed after World War II, his behavior reveals many peculiarities to improve the life of a salesman. 

Right from the start, you can see that the protagonist is not stagnant; he is always chasing information and knowledge. Being up-to-date and up-to-date is essential for a salesperson to achieve prominence in their field. That’s why the motto “who has the information has the power” means so much in this series and the life of a salesperson. 

Also, staying calm regardless of the situation is a behavior that stands out in this character. In the sales profession, this is a virtue that is not very easy to maintain, but it is undeniable how much tranquility in the face of negotiations brings good results.

9. Emily in Paris 

Emily in Paris is both a comedy and drama that has a lot to teach salespeople who want to achieve success. In it, the character Emily Cooper is a social media expert and associate at a Chicago-based marketing company. It is among the best series on Netflix because it appears in the TOP 10 of this streaming. 

She goes to Paris to help with the transition of the associated company Savoir, and that’s where it all happens. This series contributes a lot to the sales industry by teaching about taking risks, following your intuition, and accepting change.  

The protagonist faces these three characteristics from the first episode. In addition, Emily shows that knowing in depth what is sold is not always essential. It is also worth what you know about who will buy – customer and their consumer market.

10. The Wolf of Wall Street 

Another well-known movie, controversial and full of craziness inside a stock brokerage on the famous Wall Street. In this movie, you will learn valuable lessons about what you should do, especially what you shouldn’t!

Jordan Belfort, the main character, teaches various sales techniques, especially about the approach and how to handle objections during the movie. It’s a true story, and this same Jordan is known today as one of the top sales experts in the US and the world.

11. The Man Who Changed the Game 

Intuition has its value, but knowledge and preparation are crucial to success. This is the main lesson of The man who changes the game, which tells the story of a coach who uses statistics, studies, and numerical data to make his team play better.  

And even contrary to tradition, he believed and remained focused on his strategy and managed to achieve success and win everyone’s trust. This film teaches us that when we have confidence in ourselves, our experience, and our knowledge, we must move forward with our heads held high and focus on results.

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Movies every Sales professionals should watch


In this article, we have listed films and series to take lessons about leadership so you can take classes with great entertainment and maybe apply them at work.

 Now we suggest that you watch and try to find the fundamental values of leadership. So you will see, once and for all if a ready-born leader or if the circumstances construct it.

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