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TOP 9 Best Sales Presentation Examples

We all get that same feeling when we are prepping for a presentation. It is the jittery anxiety of hoping you have all that you need and that you will be able to answer all of their questions. Conversely, maybe you instead are the calm, cool, collected one. But no matter how you are feeling before, nothing beats that feeling of nailing a sales presentation. 

In this post, we will give you nine of the all-time best sales presentation examples. Each example will even have its own script you can follow to adapt the pitch to your sales opportunity. Stay with us as we cover nine out of this world sales presentations, including everyone from Apple to Zuora.

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7 Elements of a Sales Presentation that Converts

1. The Apple Team And Their Sales Conferences

Apple uses a unique team-centric approach to their presentations. They use multiple team members to deliver content at different points in their sales presentations. And everyone working during this presentation is passionate about Apple and its products. This strategy keeps the audience engaged and wanting more.

How To Model Your Sales Presentation Like Apple

To model your sales presentation after Apple’s approach, you want to keep the following points in mind:

  • Use more than just static images – Videos and sound bites increase engagement. 
  • Pass the mic – Use your team to your advantage and share the floor with them.

Also, to keep everyone engaged, know that the tone of your voice goes a long way. People can hear the passion you have for a project in your tone. 

2. Appsflyer’s Sale Presentations Have Great Visuals

Appsflyer’s sales presentations rely heavily on brand recognition and little to no text. Because this company specializes in analytics, images speak louder than words in many cases. They use strong examples within their presentation to highlight their successes. 

Creating Your Own Highly Visual Sales Presentation

To create your own visual sales presentation, you need to know what message you are trying to convey in your presentation. 

The following is a list of key elements to focus on when creating a highly visual sales presentation:

  • Choose powerful and meaningful images – If you stray away from using lots of text, make sure the images you use can evoke emotion and gives the audience a sense of what you are talking about
  • Do not focus on one point for too long – When presenting, you want your audience to come away with a specific feeling or call to action. Try to avoid hammering one point in too many times, some repetition is important, but too much repetition can cause a boring presentation.
  • Practice makes perfect – With little to no cues on your slides for you to speak from, you need to know what you are planning to say all the way through to create a crafted and coherent message. That means you need to practice your slides and practice them again!

3. Facebook’s Captivating You Through Simplicity

Facebook’s sales presentation is all about simplicity. They use a streamlined approach to sharing their key points. In Facebook’s sales presentation, they use the following guidelines:

  • Limit clutter – Every quote, excerpt, and blurb has a purpose. There is no frivolous detailing.
  • Stay readable – Their presentation uses limited text to allow the presenter to be the focus. The presentation only serves as the guide. 

If you can keep these two points in mind and incorporate Facebook’s more universal strategies below, you are bound to have an impactful sale presentation. 

Three Strategies To Model Facebook’s Presentation 

Facebook is an internet and social media giant. It may seem difficult to compete with all of their skill and talent, but if you can use the following strategies like Facebook, you will, without a doubt, improve your sales presentations:

  1. Incorporate testimonials or proven success stories. Impart the sense that your business is thriving (because it is!) to your audience by using stories from real customers or clients. 
  2. Select graphics that evoke emotion. Choose smiling faces over neutral expressions.
  3. Use icons to convey statistics. Relate numbers in a visual format to be more pleasant on the eyes and easier to assess visually.

By incorporating Facebook’s sales presentation strategies, you too will develop an out of this world sales presentation!

4. How Contently Uses The Before-After-Bridge Method

With Contently’s sales presentation, they focus on their successes and use those to show how they encapsulate their mission. They also create visually stunning, stand-alone presentation slides. 

The following is a list of things that Contently is doing right for its sales presentations:

  • Highlights their mission wisely – They put their mission front and center to remind you just exactly what they are good at before you even leave the title slide.
  •  Implements the before-after-bridge formula – Even though these slides are text-heavy, they tell an important story. Read on for exactly how to use this method in your sales presentations. 
  • Use of striking visuals – These visuals get the point across and allow you to expand upon your points without the teleprompter feeling of reading straight from a slide. 

Try Before-After-Bridge In Your Next Presentation

If you wonder how you can present the perfect testimonial when doing a sales presentation, look no further. The before-after-bridge delivery will set you apart from the competition and clearly illustrate how your company is great at what it does.

The following is a description for each part of the before-after-bridge method:

  • Before – This describes what a customer needed from you or lacked before entering into business with you.
  • After – The after tells the audience exactly what your company did for your customer 
  • Bridge – The bridge details the specific outcomes and actions 

Now the best way to deliver this is by marrying great visuals with minimal text. Use text as a supporting feature but be as concise as possible. 

5.Reddit Uses Unexpected Content To Its Advantage

Reddit can capture its audience’s attention by using an image that is striking and out of the ordinary. This is a great way to establish and maintain their specific brand identity. 

In Reddit’s sales presentation, they use humor as a way to captivate and engage their audience:

  • Highlight impressive data
  • Incorporate timely pop culture references
  • Value creation and feature it as a top priority

The unexpected and humorous nature of Reddit’s sales presentation makes it really stand out from the crowd. They balance both the fun and engaging, with the serious and data-driven, very well. This is an unconventional approach that creates a deeply positive feeling among their audience. 

How To Feature Humor In Your Sales Presentation

To use humor like Reddit, you must ask yourself first if it is the right direction for your brand:

  • It must be authentic – If you are not a humorous person, humor may not be the best route for you to take during a sales presentation. 
  • It must be engaging – Using humor can be difficult because you have to choose an appropriate level of humor for the workplace. It can’t be too dark or too raunchy. But it must still be engaging and heartfelt enough to elicit an audience response. 
  • You must be alright with it falling flat – Not everyone will understand the joke or reference. That is normal. Keep moving through your talking points, and do not get too hung up if your joke flops. 

6.Buzzfeed Offers A No-Nonsense Delivery

Buzzfeed has created a business model that works to their advantage. They cover viral news and trending topics in a way that is always clickable. Their sales presentation is almost the complete opposite of their business model. Buzzfeed’s sales presentation is great at:

  • Making use of bullets
  • No frills language
  • Simplicity

Because of this, Buzzfeed gives off an air of confidence. They stick to the facts and do not leave any room for interpretation. They spell it all out for you in their sales presentation. 

Trim Your Sales Presentation & Give Just The Facts

If you are looking for a confident and simple approach to your sales presentation , use the following tips:

  • Having no visuals gives you an aloof and confident vibe
  • Keep it short
  • Keep text on slides to a minimum
  • Use bullets

Buzzfeed’s use of minimalism is striking compared to some of the more over the top sales presentations. It definitely makes them stand out amongst the competition. 

7. Try LinkedIn’s Comprehensive Approach For The Win

LinkedIn is known for its ever-professional attitude. This feeling translates well to their sales presentation. Their presentation covers everything we have discussed so far:

  • Creates engaging data visualization
  • Highlights key points
  • More is better mindset
  • Simplicity on each slide 
  • Uses visuals to their advantage

Not only does LinkedIn share their sales pitch, but they also give its audience an engaging way to use their platform to its fullest potential. 

Explore More Is Better & Match LinkedIn’s Model

LinkedIn’s sales presentation is long, but it is full of good information through and through. They also use an outline to help the audience gauge where they are in the talk and what is coming. 

The reason more information works for LinkedIn is because of the following:

  • Balances captivating and informing the audience 
  • Uses text and visuals to their advantage, not too few and not too many
  • Uses time to its fullest potential 

Sometimes time is not on your side. If that is the case, aim for simplicity and brevity. It is always in your best interest to be respectful of your audience’s time. 

8. Uber: The Best Combo Of Data Visualization & Text

In addition to powerful text, Uber uses data visualization to present many of its important company statistics. Their five-pronged approach to sales presentations can be used again and again.

What is Uber’s five-pronged approach to sales presentations?:

  1. Synthesize it – You, as the sales presenter, should know what market you are after and how your business aims to dominate that market. This means getting all the facts in order and sharing them as part of your pitch. 
  2. Seed germs – Create a nurturing environment that fosters growth and enrichment. For Uber, this means selecting the right cities for future expansion. 
  3. Become contagious – You want to be the next hottest, in-demand thing on the market, no matter whether it is a good or service. To spread wide and far, you need strong partnerships and consistency with your customers. 
  4. Mutate fast – You want to focus on what is next and how you are going to be the first on the market. It is important to evolve in a way that suits your clients’ needs and puts you at the front of the pack against your competitors. 
  5. Defend – Put protections in place to keep your spot at the top. This could be by focusing on the legislature that will grow or inhibit your company or through finding new ways to support your workers in times of stress. 

If you can adapt and tailor Uber’s sales presentation to your needs, you have a recipe for success! Nothing can beat the numbers. If your company has strong data points, highlight them with fewer words and more visuals representing the data. 

Using Data Visualization To Your Advantage 

If your company runs on numbers, as many in today’s world do, data visualization is a key part of any sales presentation. Now, you may be wondering how you create visuals based on your numbers. Well, the answer is simple, and there are a few different ways to do it. 

The following is a list of ways in which you can begin visualizing your data when giving a sales pitch:

  • Do it yourself – Doing it by yourself may seem daunting and very time consuming, but you will have a presentation you understand front to back at the end of the day.
  • Gather a team – This is probably your best course of action. Get a group of colleagues together that are familiar with the numbers. Break down the story you are trying to tell and assign each group member a piece of the pie. Remember, to be cohesive, you need to establish some parameters for the visuals’ look and feel. 
  • Hire a professional – While outsourcing is by far the easiest option, it can be the most difficult because once the visuals are made, you are stuck with figuring out how to make sense of them.

As you can see from the other sales presentations we have discussed, in addition to Uber, visuals are very important. And visuals can make or break a presentation. 

If you do not strike the right balance, your audience could feel bombarded and overwhelmed by too many visuals. But you do not want to overcorrect and leave them with paragraphs to read during your sales presentation. 

9. Zuora Uses Beautiful Imagery & Narrative Flow  

Zuora uses storytelling as their main form of giving a sales presentation. They will lead the audience through their discoveries and ideas to lay out the concept they are trying to create. 

Zuora is good at using the following elements within their sales presentations:

  • Uses background images – An image speaks a thousand words. If you choose a good visual, it will not only support your story but reinforce the emotions and feelings you are trying to evoke. 
  • Uses quotes – A strategically placed quote can tie up a story nicely. It can also have a lasting impact if used correctly. Do not add too many frills around your quote to keep the final message vivid in your audience’s minds. 
  • White space – Creating balance and space for the audience to assign meaning and importance.

If you harness any of the elements above, you are that much closer to an out of this world sales presentation. 

Borrow From Zuora’s Playbook And Tell A Story

Zuora uses five major elements in all of their sales presentations to make them stand out. The following is a list of important elements you can consider incorporating into your sales next presentation:

  • Be bold and be the change – Show your audience how you have adapted to what once was and what is to come in the future.
  • Cite the spark – Tell your audience exactly why you are here and what has happened in the world to need your business as part of their lives.
  • Create excitement – Highlight features that set you apart from the competition
  • Prove your worth – Use meaningful soundbites and client testimonials to support your story
  • Solve their problems – Tell your audience how your product or service will solve a problem, show them why your company exists

Zuora does a wonderful job of using imagery and text to their full potential. 

In Brief: Use Sales Presentations For Your Benefit

Now that you have nine out of this world examples of sales presentations , it is time to implement the tools that make these sales presentations great into your next presentation.

If you are worried about finding the right balance, you can always seek an outside opinion. Sometimes, if you choose to practice on a fake audience, they can guide you and offer corrections. Whatever you do, make sure you use the tips above to create a stunning sales presentation.  

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